Transform TV (Morpheus TV Clone) v1.78 Apk

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Transform TV is extraordinary compared to other excitement application for Android gadgets right now, it is likewise a fork/clone of the application Morpheus TV kept up by a gathering considered Team No Name, who are additionally keeping up Titanium TV.

It brings to you the top-quality substance in HD quality and 4K from around the world.

You can observe every last bit of it completely free of cost. It has huge amounts of motion pictures, most recent scenes, documentaries, and so forth.

The best thing about this Morph TV application is, It has colossal gathering of Movies, Shows, and arrangement scene and Morpheus TV Apk all are accessible in HD quality. What all the more fascinating about this application IS Its got captions for each single video.


Transform TV is a free application with no advertisements or membership plans. It look through a few free and open sites for spilling connections and showcases the outcomes in straightforward interface safe with a DPAD remote control without the requirement for a mouse or console. All motion picture and tvshow metadata is recovered from, notices and settings are recovered from TMDB.

Captions for motion pictures and network programs are given by outsider sites like Opensubtitles, LegendasDivx and TVSubs. All connections scratched by the application are accessible to people in general in their separate sites and are facilitated by third-get-together administrations like Openload, RapidVideo, Streamango, Google, Entervideo, Vidup, Mload, and so on..

It has some mix with your account however for the present it is restricted to Collections and Watchlist. It will consequently check content as watched when you watch 90% of it. For television programs, there is a pleasant "Watch straightaway" segment where it demonstrates your next scenes to watch... It utilizes its very own inside player (Exoplayer with certain adjustments) and can likewise play to Chromecast gadgets. In the main forms it utilized outer players like VLC and MxPlayer however they were immediately expelled due to the absence of power over the UI and the HTTP demand headers.

The inside player still needs a couple of more highlights like setting caption balances, video viewpoint proportion, etc...but I am very cheerful for the present and there are no designs to help outer players.

Oversee downloads:

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Transform TV enables you to download the sources to observe later. This is an extraordinary alternative on the off chance that you have a moderate web or experience the ill effects of alot of buffering in light of the fact that you can simply download the document and watch it later. Before downloading, ensure you have enough free space on the gadget. To download, simply long snap (or setting menu button) on one of the sources, a motion picture or scene and an exchange will popup with a choice to download. Subsequent to adding a document to the download line, you can check its status in the downloads segment of the principle menu or snap the download symbol on the upper right corner of the screen. You can stop, drop, set needs of your downloads by long tapping (or setting menu) a download and choosing the fitting activity from the popup exchange.


Transform TV coordinates with Google Cast and enables you to stream your sources and deluges to those gadgets. Subsequent to tapping the cast symbol on the upper right corner of the screen and choosing your Morpheus TV Apk Download, any stream will by played on it rather than the inward player. An interior HTTP server is utilized to help serve records to the gadget.

Captions will consistently be served by this server and for some video documents that won't play straightforwardly (like HLS streams) it will likewise fill in as an intermediary to determine regular issues like CORS, invalid treats, and so forth... In the event that you intend to utilize this application for the most part for throwing, it is prescribed to empower the primary notice in the settings. This notice is utilized to keep the closer view administration alive and reacting to demands from the Chromecast while your telephone is bolted.


You can watch downpour streams legitimately on Morph TV without downloading them already. Deluges will likewise be casted to Chromecast gadgets by utilizing an inner HTTP server which will stream the document straightforwardly to the gadget.